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The power of suggestion to make positive changes


Broken down into two parts:

• The relaxed state
Using verbal relaxation, Patti will put you in a complete state of peacefulness

• The “art of suggestion”
Using your input while you are in a relaxed state I will suggest things to you while your mind is clear and calm. You will only accept the suggestions that are meaningful to you. You will never do anything against your will or tell secrets. In a sense, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. This process takes on a “script” and is delivered to you in a deeply relaxed state.
Suggestions are the core of human behavior. Everything we do is based upon a suggestion. We give ourselves suggestions all day and night. They are often things we have heard all our life from others or ourselves.


Some issues include:
Smoking cessation, Weight Management, Self-Confidence, Test Anxiety, Fears and Phobias, Worry, Sports Performance, Motivation, Nail biting, hair pulling, public speaking.

$100/First Session includes CD of session or emailed session
$75 continued sesstions


Patti Darragh, certified Hypnotherapist PA/NJ